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Do You REALLY Want to Fight that Case?

Too many attorneys and their clients defend against cases that have no defense.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015) You took out a loan, your financial circumstances went south, and you were not able to repay the loan. Now you … Continue reading

Appeal Victory: Treble Damages for Theft Affirmed Against Defendant

As we reported in October of 2011, we persuaded an Orange County Superior Court Judge to apply Penal Code section 496(c) – making it illegal to receive stolen goods – to a case where the defendant had failed to repay … Continue reading

Watch Logan (2017) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Quality: HDTitle : Logan Director : James Mangold.Release : 2017-02-28Language : English,Español.Runtime : 135 min.Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.Synopsis : Movie ‘Logan’ was released in February 28, 2017 in genre Action. James Mangold was directed this movie and starring … Continue reading

California Supreme Court Rejects Virtually All Non-Competition Agreements

Herein I violate the conventional wisdom that blog posts should be short, because I want a very detailed discussion of non-compete agreements available to both employees and employers.  But in case you have time only for a quick takeaway, I … Continue reading

Deviant Employees Protected from Termination

As you know, Megan’s Law set up a website that lists registered sex offenders.  Before extending an offer of employment, one might think that checking that website would be a quick way to make sure a sex offender is not … Continue reading

How the “Hands-Free” Cell Phone Law Impacts California Employers

California’s “hands free” cell phone law took effect on July 1, 2008.  The law prohibits all California drivers from using a hand-held cell phone or similar hand-held devices while driving a motor vehicle, unless configured to permit “hands free” talking and … Continue reading

If I Can’t Fire Him, Can I At Least Demote Him?

Under California Labor Code Section 2922, an employee can be terminated at the will of the employer, absent an express or implied contract to the contrary (and assuming the termination does not violate public policy). Logic therefore dictates that if … Continue reading

To Drug Test or Not To Drug Test — An Employer’s Dilemma

Nine percent of current employees and 12% of job applicants test positive for illegal drug use, the U.S. Department of Labor has reported. Given these numbers, and the fact that drug abuse is estimated to cost business $100 billion per … Continue reading

How to Interview Prospective Employees

With no discriminatory intent whatsoever, many interviewers get themselves and their companies in trouble by asking seemingly innocent questions. Taking a few steps to avoid improper questions can save your company from litigation and legal fees. Questions such as “How … Continue reading

Employment Arbitration Agreements – Enforceable? Desirable?

A relatively new trend has emerged, whereby employers are attempting to limit the expense and exposure of wrongful termination actions by requiring that all employees sign arbitration agreements. I am frequently asked by employers whether they should adopt such an … Continue reading